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"What Would They Play?" 
A video game character trivia by Egan Click, Internet Scout & Gamer.

"Gregory: The very being that he doesn’t have friends outside the group makes me believe that GREGORY only plays old school emulators. While kids at school are playing Black Ops and other heavily populated games making connections, Gregory is playing Secret of Mana on SNES running off of his computer.
'Secret of Mana’

Fattie and Beano: Due to the (FATTIE AND BEAN-O) Twins always being twins, I envision them playing co-op games all the time. Games like Army of Two (and all the sequels) and Dead Space 3. These games tend to be action/adventure which could lead to their comic relief. Usually these games have two characters, one strong and a leader and the other a pun/jokster.
'Army of Two'

Phil: PHIL plays weird games to feel. A game that instantly gets you lost in the gameplay alone. Such as Amnesia.

Elle: Elle would play a game that is uncontrollably cute and just pure fun (entertainment). Epic Kirby 

Devon: Devon plays games which he has a role in. He mostly plays role playing games online like World of Warcraft for two reasons. Due to it’s popularity, it’s easy to find a Christian guild. He likes to feel like his role actually progresses the group, so he can play as a healer.
'Healer' (not black)

Adam: Adam likes party games so everyone can view each others amazing talents. His game of choice is SingStar.

Loni: Loni doesn’t really care about winning or losing. He seems like a gamer that would like a game to mend to your play style. A simulator such as Simcity where you get to make and manage your own town or a game like Animal crossing which you pay a mortagage on a house and live in a town with animals. 
'K.K. Slider' (Musician in Animal Crossing)

Trista: Trista seems like a girl that would either strictly play single player games that have leader boards like Angry Birds. She can improve her techniques gradually and show off her high ranking score without ever having to face pressure in the present.
'Angry Birds'

Holli: due to her hipster tendencies, she has moved on to board games because no one has heard of them. :Loves Dixit
'Dixit' playthrough

Sephie: I could see Sephie playing solitare while her parents are off work and with nothing better to do but to bicker at one another while Sephie watches over her computer monitor with delicate mouse clicks.

Johnny: Johnny I was reading him a as a rather run of the mill man. I could see him in partaking in a game with destruction and violence like Serious Sam since it’s light hearted but he’s never heard of that so he plays your stereotypical versus games. Halo, Call of Duty, Gears of War and League of Legends hopefully getting him into MLG to be that internet celebrity you were mentioning.
'Serious Sam 3'

Angelo: Angelo I could really see playing rather obscure games under the impression that they aren’t out of the ordinary. Games like Monster Hunter, Dungeons and Dragons, and Catherine. He particularly likes Eastern games or Japan games but he doesn’t know the difference. 
'Catherine Monster Hunter'”

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Question((Hello, I was wondering if you still have any female roles to fill? If not, how could I be an extra? Would I have to audition or just send in a headshot (or none of the above)? Thank you!)) Answer
Thank you so much for reaching out to us, noxvox!  =)  Do you have a headshot I can see?  We are currently accepting video auditions for all roles.  If you’re interested contact us at

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QuestionIf we already auditioned for you should we expect possible emails after that day? Or will you be emailing us sooner than that? Answer

If you auditioned this weekend we will be sending out emails tomorrow as it is a 3-4 day span.  :-)

QuestionSo we just choose a day to audition and come at a time that's best for us, right? Answer

Hello wants-to-be-beautiful!  We will be hosting final open auditions June 29th-30th, 9:00am-3:00pm, in 301 S Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL, 60605.  Please feel free to contact us at for more details.  We are currently accepting video auditions, too! :-)

QuestionSo here comes the questions, haha. So for the audition days do we just need to let you know which one wed be attending? Also what do we need prepared for the audition? When are actual shoot dates (because I will be out of town and the country a couple times in July)? Answer

Yup!  Just let us know, wants-to-be-beautiful.  :-)  The shoot dates are August 12th-18th.  Feel free to ask anymore brain-busters.  Thank you so very much for your awesome questions!!!

Omar Haro
OjO Productions
QuestionI'm looking forward to that guys :) Thanks btw! Answer
Your welcome!  ^_____^
Omar Haro
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